Curriculum Vita and Website Information

Dr. Christy Mesaros-Winckles
serves as the primary author of this blog. She is an associate professor in communication, teaching public relations and theory courses at Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan. Prior to going into higher education, she worked as a small-town journalist and still continues to dabble with some freelance writing now and then.

Her research includes gender issues in evangelical Christian culture, the Christian patriarchy movement and nineteenth century women’s contributions to evangelical ministry.  Much of the work published on this blog stems for research she is currently conducting. All opinions are her own and do not represent the views of her employer or any organization she is belongs to.

Professional Information

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Christy Mesaros-Winckles is open for speaking engagements and also for interviews with the press on topics related to her research.

Contact Information/Interview Requests:


Purpose of the Website:

The FM Feminist website serves as an educational blog devoted to sharing current studies and opinions about Biblical feminism. In addition, the blog’s primary goal is to provide historical overviews  of early women  evangelists and Christian trailblazers who served in a variety of leadership roles and to also provide access to some of their writings and other publications.

The author of this blog believe that in both the church and in the home only an egalitarian position, where both men and women are considered equally capable and equally responsible, is in line with Methodist doctrine.

Comment Policy:

As the primary author and administrator for the blog I reserve the write to delete any comments that personally attack other commenters’ opinions, my own opinions, or Wesleyan theology. The blog is open to differing opinions but they must be written in a respectful, non confrontational manner. Finally, the purpose of this blog is not to stimulate endless theological debates in the comment section, but to provide Christian scholarship that should be thought provoking to both people who agree and disagree with Wesleyan theology and the opinions of the blogger.


8 thoughts on “Curriculum Vita and Website Information

  1. Christy,

    Hi! I was not sure how to contact you, but Kate McGinn from headquarters gave me your blog title and I am so glad! I am an ordained elder in the FM church, have a Phd in historical theology from Saint Louis University, and live in Lansing, MI. I would love to have an email conversation with you about your research. Please drop me a line!

  2. Christy,
    Thanks for all of your wonderful work on this site. I am new to the denomination and an very encouraged by some of the things happening within the FMC in regards to sex and race/ethnicity, despite the stagnation that there has been. If you are going to attend the general conference in Rochester let me know, I would love to connect.

  3. Thank you for your blog. I’m trying to research history of the FM as I only have a few memories.
    My Great Great Grandfather Allen Mead and his wife Eunice Mead were evangelists in Northern Michigan & I’ve been trying to find more information about them. I always wondered how my Great Great Grandmother had been a pastor so long ago. Your site
    is very helpful to understand how that was possible.
    Thank you
    Daily searcher

    1. I’m glad the website is helpful. The Free Methodist Church in Michigan has an amazing history. Even outside of Michigan and Ohio (the two areas I primarily research), there are so many early women evangelists that still need to have their stories told.

    2. Cindy Postma, Alan P. and Eunice Mead were my great grandparents. I would so enjoy connecting with you. Both were FM evangelists and people always said she was a better preacher than he was. They had three children, Bud, Ruth and Josephine…Josephine was my mother’s mother, Betty Flintoff Grimes.

  4. Hey Christy,

    I don’t know if you remember me but I happened upon this site and then realized I know you. Hope things are going well and I am enjoying some of the reading on the site.

  5. Christy,
    I was wondering if you could expand your research into the area around St Louis. As i read Marston’s ‘From Age to Age’ it indicates this area as one of great growth in the early years of Free Methodism along with the Genessee area of New york. i would be interested in seeing the results. Gary Kaufmann

  6. I am almost in tears I am so blessed that I have found your blog! I am a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies student at Asbury Seminary. I have been a Free Methodist and a Feminist my whole life, and I am a third generation Free Methodist and Feminist! It is so excellent to find good company! 🙂

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