TLC and the Fundamentalist Family: A Look at the Quiverfull Movement

I have been waiting a few months for my study to appear in The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture about the TLC show 19 and Counting and the Quiverfull movement. The academic journal is open access, so everyone who reads my blog should be able to pull up this link. It provides a much more comprehensive overview of what the Quiverfull beliefs are and how the movement has been portrayed in popular culture.

Click here to read the article.

5 thoughts on “TLC and the Fundamentalist Family: A Look at the Quiverfull Movement

    1. The Duggar’s oldest son is now married and they are in the center of photo with their baby. Joshua Duggar and his wife still appear pretty regularly on the show. The other women on the left hand side of the photo are the Duggar’s older teen daughters who help care for the littler siblings. Michelle and Jim Bob are on their right hand side, towards the center with Joshua and Anna and their baby.

    1. I’ve seen your blog and actually have it bookmarked. A great reference tool. I’m glad you found the article helpful. The academic community has really been behind on understanding the Christian patriarchy movement and how it influences more moderate evangelical society, so I hope to continue this research agenda for many years to come. There certainly is a lot of research topics to choose from!

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