Free Methodist Women in the South Part II

Summerville, Georgia, is in the upper left portion of the state and is the county seat of Chattooga County. Map from

Continuing the series of Free Methodist women’s ministry reports from the south. We will move from the 1890s into the early 1900s. (See Part 1 for the 1890s.)

February 2, 1904, Summerville, Georgia

We are here in our work. We have no other motive in view than to glorify God and see souls saved. We met some sweetly save pilgrims in Grayson, who opened their doors and gave us a hearty welcome. I praise the Lord this evening for salvation. My mind runs back as I write, to the time and place where I first found the Lord precious to my soul. I was about fourteen years old. I joined the Methodist church soon after and lived in a justified state, until about eight years ago. The holiness doctrine was preached in our part of the country, by our well-beloved Brother Day and Brother Beasley. I sought and obtained a clean heart, but, oh, how many changes since that day. Since then I grew cold and lived far beneath my duty and privilege for some time. Soon after I was sanctified, it seemed that Satan came to me and said, ‘you know the time and place that the Lord spoke peace to your soul, but you don’t just know the moment when he cleansed you.” At this time Brother Beasley was holding a tent meeting near us. I began to pray the Lord reveal it to me if I was mistaken the following Sabbath, while under the tent in service the Lord just came in mighty power and filled and thrilled my soul. We went home after the service and it seemed that I did not want to go to sleep. I just felt like I wanted to go home to be with the Lord and redeemed. The Lord willing we will soon have a new church and parsonage here at Summerville. We find some good old-time pilgrims here and take courage and press on.

(Mrs.) Winnie Short            


July 31, 1906, West Plains, Missouri

Dedah and Medah Burnap ministered in West Pains and Mrs. Medlock’s society was in Luray. Luray is a small town in Clark County- the circle is the approximate location. Map from

We have just closed a four weeks meeting here in West Plains. The Lord was with us from the first and manifested Himself in the salvation of souls. There were eleven converted, one reclaimed and other strengthened and built up. We made it our daily occupation to visit from house to house warning men of sin, righteousness and judgment to come. The Lord gave us the hearts of the people and out of the ninety-four visits were refused the privilege of prayer in only six homes.District Elder J.M. Robinson was with us about a week, and was blest in preaching the word. My sister Medah is with me and we are doing with our might what our hands find to do. Pray for us and the word at West Plains.

Dedah Burnap

April 6, 1915, Luray Missouri

The battle is still raging here at this place. The devil is giving a hard fight, but God is giving us the victory. The first victory came when the pastor’s wife was healed. She has been going ever since. She rides four miles and back to attend meetings and is laboring hard for souls. There have been seekers at most every service. Some have prayed through to victory. The saints are taking on new strength and the blessings of God are great. Pray for us in these needy fields.

Mrs. R. Medlock

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