Shiny Happy People Podcast

I’m happy to share that my spouse, Andrew, myself and our friend Jeff are hosting a podcast review of each episode of the new Prime Duggar documentary Shiny Happy People. The documentary was released on Amazon Friday, June 2, 2023, and is a four-part series looking into not only the Duggar family, but the underlying theology of their show and the influence of conservative, Christian leaders such as Bill Gothard. Continue reading Shiny Happy People Podcast

A Day with Rachel Held Evans

This week the world lost arguably one of the most important Christian feminists of the twenty-first century. Rachel Held Evans, 37, author of a Year of Biblical Womanhood, Inspired: Slaying Giants and Living on Water and Loving the Bible Again and Searching for Sunday, passed away from complications relating to the flu. In 2012, Christianity Today named her on the top 50 Women to Watch, and they were right. Evans was a force, never settling for trite Christian messages, pushing evangelical culture to change and become inclusive not only to women and the LGTQI community and ultimately having to leave Evangelical culture to … Continue reading A Day with Rachel Held Evans

Grappling with Purity Culture Regrets

I’m now 34, and like so many former evangelicals who grew up at the height of the purity movement all of my romantic choices were influenced by the guidelines of books such as I Kissed Dating Goodbye. I now realize I am damn lucky my romantic narrative didn’t turn into a horror show. Continue reading Grappling with Purity Culture Regrets