Ida Gage’s Ministry

Information on Ida Gage and her personal life are difficult to come by. I hope as I do archival research in Wood County, Ohio, next week that I will find out more about her Bowling Green Circuit. I am also hoping that the Free Methodist Magazine archives will shed light on Ida’s personal life. The magazine certainly helped outline Clara Wetherald’s ministry and life, and I’m very hopeful that information on Ida will also be forthcoming. She was prolific in ministry, and as both her and Clara were gifted public speakers there is a record of their various places they preached at. The more difficult task is finding those speeches to analyze. However, I have a brief outline of Ida’s ministry in Ohio and a map of the places she served at. She often traveled across the northern part of the state preaching at various churches. Her job was by no means easy, and considering her health complications is quite impressive.

Ida Gage History of Ministry in Ohio, Michigan and California served from 1892-1914

Licensed Evangelist by 1893

Basic Family Info

Born: Ohio, approximate Date of Birth 1856

Lived in Montgomery Township in Wood County in 1870 Census

Approximate Date of Death: March 23, 1916 – in Los Angeles County, California

1892 Appointed to Bowling Green

1893 Appointed to Bowling Green

1894  Appointed to Deshler, Hume, Santa Fe

1896 – Lima and Cridersville

1897 Appointed to Delta and Amboy

August 4 Times Democrat Lima – Rev. Ida Gage preached at the Free Methodist Chapel on Elm Street. Subject “Church Ordinances”

August 28 Time Democrat Lima – Rev. Ida Gage left Lima in August, preached

1898 – Delta and Amboy

1899- Toledo, Bowling Green, Burgone

1900- Ridgeville and Bennett Corner

1901 Appointed to Ridgeville and Bennett Corner

November 14 Elyria Reporter – Sunday School Convention Rev. Ida Gage speaks on “The Pastor’s Place in Sunday School” – one of several addresses given at the convention

December 5  Elyria Reporter– Mr. Gage (Probably Ida’s Brother) visited Rev. Ida Gage in Brownhelm where she was living

1902 No Appointment

February 11 Elyria Reporter – North Ridgeville Protracted Meeting at Free Methodist Church held by Rev. J.C. Sherburn of Youngstown and Rev. Ida Gage

March 11  Elyria Reporter – Rev. Ida Gage travelled to Rockport where she was to assist the Rev. Casto in a series of revival meetings

March 20  Elyria Reporter – Methodist Episcopal Church in Fields held a Sunday School convention for Ridgeville Township. Rev. Ida Gage was the chair.

1903 Appointed to Chicago Junction and Tiffin

December 4 The Weekly Chronicle Elyria- Based in Chicago Junction at the time, the newspaper notes that the Rev. Ida Gage has been sick but is recovering. They note her the former pastor of the Chicago Junction Free Methodist Church

1904 Appointed to Mansfield and Chicago Junction

March 1 Elyria Chronicle– Sunday School Convention for Ridgeville Township in Fields, Ohio. Rev. Ida Gage President of Sunday School Union. The Union was comprised of the Free Methodist, Disciple, Methodist Episcopal, Congregationalist and other Sunday School groups in the county

June 28 Elyria Chronicle – Ida Gage, who was living in Clyde, visited Elyria

September 10 Mansfield News- Rev. Ida Gage, pastor of the Mansfield Free Methodist Church, is holding Sunday services 10 a.m. and 7 p.m.

1905 Appointed to Hume and Cridersville

July 29 Sandusky Star – Rev. Ida Gage accompanies her friend Miss. Emma Fry, who is suffering from lung troubles, to Colorado

1906 Appointed to Hume and Cridersville

1907-1908- Conference Evangelist for the Michigan Conference, living in Spring Arbor Michigan

During this time she was also a matron for the women’s dorm at Spring Arbor University. Family narratives note her daughter and son-in-law were attending Spring Arbor University during this period.

1909- Appointed to Jasper and Seneca Michigan Circuit

1912-1914- Conference Evangelist for the Southern California Conference

She moved to California with her daughter and son-in-law in 1910. She officially divorced her husband in 1912 and remarried a United Methodist minister in 1912. All Southern California records show her evangelists license under the name of Ida Gage Wood.

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